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5SOS ✖ unreleased


All of 5SOS' unreleased songs (sorry about screams or bad quality - they are unreleased, after all)

Since 5SOS released their album, a lot of songs have been deleted from the playlist, but we can now enjoy them in studio quality so these are the songs they have not yet released and maybe will never release :(

  • Superhero by superhero
  • Everything I Want by everything i want
  • Over And Over by Over and Over
  • All I Need by All i need
  • Ive Got This Friend by I've got this friend
  • Heartbreak for Two by 5 s o s
  • The Perfect Disguise by ayyitsGuava
    The Perfect Disguise
  • 5 Seconds Of Summer Teenage Dream Katy Perry Cover SiriusXM by Angry_Nerds
8 tracks
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