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Night Cruisin


Twelve tracks including music by KiD CuDi, MGMT, and Deadmau5 feat. Rob Swire. For the nights when your music is blasting, your windows are down, and everyone's arms are hanging out into the cool air.

11 tracks
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rymccool and Enriqla;aoih4;oaw;o: haha thanks
flyhigh: hahahaa i went to see HIS music and saw a white guy with dreds and nothing posted. credibility was instantly lost.
endlessroad: right on :)

thanks guys!
and Harttphil, it's a catchy song that reminds me of cruisin at night with my friends which is why it's on here. that's basically it. never said it was their best or worst, so calm it down. also. calling me a hipster gave me a good laugh and made my night. thanks!