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Incredible, Nostalgic, Depressing, Invigorating Time


That weird, 90s, nihilistic, there is no point and I’m trapped as a cog in the capitalist machine my future was a lie the world is changing so quickly, it’s the summer of 1998 feeling. you still rented vhs from blockbuster and hated when people didn’t rewind. you’d buy runts candy from the little machine by the check out for 25 cents. it was hard to keep in contact with people long distance. Saturday mornings were still filled with cartoons and stupid sugary cereal that was a tie in with one of the latest cartoons. minivans and spice girls and beanie babies. what an incredible, nostalgic, depressing, invigorating time.

(written by my friend Red; this piece of writing is the inspiration and theme of this mix)

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