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think i'm sick [alex mercer]

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Right from the first song I knew this playlist is spot on in its portrayal of Alex Mercer. The inclusion of certain songs in this context was chilling (Who Are You, Really?, So Long Sentiment).

The theme of violence and revenge is something I'd expect in a Prototype list, but it works so well with the songs that also point toward Alex's new inhumanity and his resignation/struggle with his current state both physically and mentally (I Am Machine and follow up of Annihilation is /excellent/). Honestly I could go on and on a out this playlist.

A high energy mix that doesn't shy away from the brutality of the subject, nor the struggles he faces. Or his brutal plans for his enemies.

A playlist I'll be coming back to, thank you for sharing it!

@Xophin this is quite possibly the nicest comment i've ever gotten on one of my playlists THANK YOU oh my gosh. i certainly agonized over it because alex is genuinely one of my all time favorite characters ever because he's so deliciously complex and simple at the same time. he's a wonderful character and i wanted to do him justice and i'm glad to know i succeeded. <3