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"some things are worth dying for." - sirius black.

james | sirius | remus | peter | lily |
moony | wormtail | padfoot | prongs

a playlist about their short lives, friendship and bravery.

13 tracks
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Six songs are playing, but there are 13 in description :( Can it be fixed? These available are soooo beatiful, I'd love to hear the rest! :)

@agspearl i'm so sorry some people can only play six but i have no idea why! i'll try and see if 8tracks can maybe fix it?? i think its a glitch :( i fiddled around with it a bit but i'm not sure if its changed. if you want i can tell you the remaining tracks so you can listen to them? xx

@agspearl also, which country are you from? 8tracks said its most likely copy right on songs which stops some countries from listening to them which is weird

I have the same problem and I'm from Germany, so I guess it could be a copyright problem! Too bad :( But this mix is amazing, I found it on Tumblr and I love your taste in music. :D

@lilyevan I'm from Poland and it copyrights are involved :( it would be great if you could name the rest of the songs, thank a lot!

@agspearl sure! i'm not sure which ones you can see, but the list is: timshel (mumford&sons), things we lost in the fire (bastille), only if for a night (f&tm), ready aim fire (imagine dragons), charlie brown (coldplay), always gold (radical face), born to die (ldr), young blood (birdy), hey brother (avici), the kids from yesterday (mcr), sedated (hozier), warriors (imagine dragons), all was well (radical face) xxx

"And you are not alone in this. As brothers we will stand and hold your hand." Well, there goes my soul. I'm fine. -- Seriously, this playlist is stunning from start to finish. Thank you so much for sharing.