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it's not time to worry yet


"i think there's just one kind of folks. folks."
a (more or less) skewed playlist centred on the classic, "to kill a mockingbird."
[made for an assignment-project-thing.]

30 tracks
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Just finished reading the book and I went looking for a playlist because I'm stuck in a book hangover and I absolutely love this! The way you base your picks off of specific points and explain to us what those points are is amazing. You're bringing the book back to life in your playlist and I appreciate that. Thank you for this wonderful playlist!

@Dawnny2567 Thank you so much for your compliment! I've read the book twice now and just feel like I love it even more, the more times I read it. Certain scenes were just so thrilling to me and so finding a song for each chapter was often difficult. I'm glad that you can appreciate this, thank you. xxx