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Hey you! You're absolutely perfect.


I was supposed to be studying today but i really felt the need to make this mix. I don't care if this mix gets popular i just want all of you who need to hear these words to do so. This is for all of you who feel ugly, small, unimportant, fat, skinny, stupid, just like you don't fit in this world. I dedicate this mix to all of you with all my heart.

You are absolutely perfect. <3

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I never read the person's info of their playlist and you just made my day with your message on it. Thank you.

Thank you so much for this mix! I volunteered to sing for my school's special olympics opening ceremonies. I will definitely be singing some of these songs! Thanks for the ideas!

I have my own similar playlist in my itunes. Music is the one thing that I know I will always have. Thank you for giving me hope that someone out there cares. Thank you for your songs as well. Chances are they will be added to my playlist

You're welcome girl :) Even though i sometimes doubt my faith in people, i know that they are not all the same. I want to believe that there are still people out there who care! Wish you the best!!!

Thank you so much for making this mix. This is awesome and beautiful mix. Definitely make me realize who we are and be grateful for everything that we have right now.

Thank you so much for listening! Yes, we should all be grateful and happy with small things in life and most of all, ourselves! Have a nice day wherever you are my friend!!