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" you arrest my heart," - a bittersweet!sheith fanmix


tbh some really, really angsty songs for sheith. i have no regrets other than now i want to have something nice, sweet, and fluffy for them /sweats hopefully this fits the theme i was going for, if not - eh, i'll try again next time orz

major points:
+ tbh these songs fit well if taken from keith's pov
+ basis of this is on s2 voltron but can be read however you want
+ goes well w/ angsty sheith fics ok
+ i tried. i thought about incorporating some korean/japanese songs but i felt like it was out of place. maybe next time ???

also very special thanks to drisrt for the art and letting me edit the cover (but I did no justice to the original pieces because i'm not really good w/ editing stuff LOL OTL), please visit their tumblr: http://www.drisrt.tumblr.com

14 tracks
1 comment on " you arrest my heart," - a bittersweet!sheith fanmix

Amazing mix! Helps me get in the mood to write my sheith fics as well as my threads! One of my all time favs. Also one of the saddest. rip. Thank you for putting this out there! ! !

@ZammyShad Hey! Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it and I'm happy you enjoy this fanmix C: !! Angst and sadness is definitely what I was aiming for and I have to say, good luck with your sheith fics and threads