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Blow this Dub all over your Step


Listen up for 24 new tracks (most of which are free to download) of insanely filthy yet incredibly crisp and synthetically evocative, cinematic arrangements of dubstep and join with me in an adventure to the far reaches of the galaxy... or at least till your ears bleed.

24 tracks
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Google search! I only had to purchase two or three of these songs! The rest are available to anyone for free! You just gotta find them! Good luck!

Good Luck when SOPA gets passed buddy. Just saying. BUY YOUR MUSIC! SOPA will more than likely get passed and everyone who downloaded anything is screwed.

He's not your "buddy", "GUY". Also I'm fairly certain SOPA and PIPA (same shit different pile) were both dropped by Congress due to the fact that nobody supporting the bill could handle the intense brain hemorrhaging caused by this sick mix.