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a sort of family


"they belong, in a certain measure, to history: enjolras, combeferre, jean prouvaire, feuilly, courfeyrac, bahorel, lesgle or laigle, joly, grantaire. these young men formed a sort of family, through the bond of friendship."
[ a mix featuring a song for each of the barricade boys / check the album info for which ami the song is for ]

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4 comments on a sort of family

thank you so much for this mix! i listen to it when i'm studying at college and it keeps me sane :) this is so perfect for them all, and that quote in the description almost made me cry. ultimate bromance.

I think this is wonderful! Oh, how I love Les Amis. Of course- I pretty much ship all of them together, but I really love their friendship. I also love the quote in the description~!