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how times have changed

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I can so relate to this! Seriously the same situation I'll be in next month. I'm honestly so scared for what's to come but I'm trying to be positive about this because I know that our relationship will get so much stronger during this time. I can only hope for the best because I really do love my boyfriend. Thank you for making this playlist and for also letting me know that I'm not alone! Wish you the best of luck for you and your boyfriend! :)

I completely understand how you boyfriend moved to college 401 miles away from where I live...and it was a lot of crying on my part :(

But believe in your relationship :) My boyfriend and I are still going strong, despite the moments of insecurities and doubts :) Although it's going to be rough, you will get through them :) Best of luck to you and your boyfriend :) Long distance with that one person is totally worth it :) <3

Ha! I read your story, and honestly it's like i wrote it myself! The only difference is I am the one leaving for school. I love my boyfriend so much, and before I leave, I'm trying to make him a CD of live songs with my commentary to surprise him. It'll be part of his birthday present. It's so wonderful being in love with him. It's magical.

My boyfriend has been living with me for months, and he and I are best friends. He's going to college in September, and although he won't be very far, about 4 hours, I'm going to miss him so much. I love him so strongly, and I am so very proud of him, but it's going to be so hard to not be able to kiss him good morning and goodnight. We say goodbye on Saturday, as he has to stay at his grandparent's home. This playlist comforts me so much. It's beautiful. Thank you. Stay strong.

It's so nice to know that other people know exactly how you feel. I'm so glad it can help in a situation like this. Thank you for listening and I wish you the best with your boyfriend. Stay strong.

I feel you - my boyfriend is 5000 miles away from me right now, on a completely different continent, because I'm studying abroad for a year. These songs bring me such comfort. I wish you all the best with your boyfriend, and you should know that you are never alone in this.

I'm so sorry, I can only imagine what that must be like. Your strength is so inspiring and I'm so happy that you said that this playlist brings comfort; that's it's purpose. :) Thank you so very much. I wish you all the best with your boyfriend as well. True love is worth waiting for <3