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Brjótr Hranna: Breaker of Waves


This mix is about half Nordic folk music or neofolk and half Nordic folk rock, with some songs directly related to Ragnar or the legends around him. “Kraka” is about Aslaug, Ragnar’s wife from the Saga of Ragnar Lodbrok. Songs two and twelve are different versions of a song about the events that made Ragnar’s in-laws famous (i.e. Sigurd slaying a dragon).

15 tracks
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Nice. Loved the whole thing! I'm a big Tyr fan and I love how you sort of book-ended the mix with that old tune they use in Regin Smidur by putting that toward the end and that song by Faun toward the beginning. (When Brynhildur came on, I had a moment of like, "Where have I heard this, I know this?!??") Awesome job.