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The Girl Somewhere


The soundtrack to a film that has yet to be made.

The female that has yet to be found.

The hunt that never stops.

The thrill of it.

The pain.

  • Zone by Giallo
  • Olivia by LUST & Heatstroke
  • Ain soph by Akua Soundsystem
  • Black Forest by Lisa Gerrard
  • DJ AfterGlo (Original Mix ) by Grind House
  • 05 - Vespers_Lisa Gerrard&Patrick Cassidy by mjnaderloo
  • killer by ALIENOIL
  • You Must Be Certain Of The Devil by Diamanda Galás
  • Girl GIrl by BuDriSMusic (TM)
  • Epica by ffahlman
  • Haunted by hyde
11 tracks
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