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Rick Sanchez Made Me Sad


Have you been emotionally broken because of the asshole old man Rick Sanchez? Do you think about him to much and feel like crying about it? Or lay awake thinking of the scenes with him that broke your soul? Replay the moment when you realized you cared to much for this man and had to watch him get hurt while acting like nothing mattered to him? Then listen to this playlist!!!! It won't help you feel better at all!!!!!!!!!!

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@minimantaray For real, I started it thinking it was going to be something like Invader Zim but instead got a ridiculous amount of emotions. This was not what I signed up for. (and I'm super happy you like this mix, it makes my day to see so many people enjoying it!!)

@jiminee Rick and Morty takes pain through sad feelings to a whole new level. When I first finished the show I laid in bed listing to sad music for a few days, then I figured other people would like to wallow in sadness with me then BAM this stupidly long playlist was born.