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A Dave Strider fanmix that didn't turn out as well as I was hoping it to; the cover art is probably better than the mix itself. Said art is by napalmarts@tumblr, just by the bye.

8 tracks
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I just wanted to say that this has been my favorite mix for years. Every once in awhile I think of this playlist and I just just this overwhelming need to listen to it again. I adore this so much, thank you for making such a good playlist

@mortoboe oh man this is such an old playlist but thank you!! I'm so glad you still enjoy it. I've long since moved on from the homestuck fandom, but you're welcome to check out my other mixes on 8tracks. I've also got a new Overwatch mix up on playmoss (under the username meigender) if you'd like to check that out. I'll likely have more out at some point in the future :> thanks again!