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Creating Space Mixtape

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Hey there. Just checked out your website and I think the covers for the mixtapes are gorgeous. Did you take the photography for the pieces? If so, can I get an idea of where they were taken? Just out of curiousity.

Hey thanks so much for this mix. I adore it. Could you recommend me some other similar, great artists to check out? It would me much appreciated, thanks.

Love Love!!! "These Times We're Living In" was one of my favs. "Wild Fire" is one of the very first songs I heard from the Shook Twins and still one of my favs of theirs. Oh, I just loved the whole mix!!!

I bought both their CDs when we saw them @ Brewery and put them on all the time! Always lifts my spirits and have been known to do a couple swirls and various other dance moves... if you can call them that, lol.....around the house! Can't wait till they get another album out! I think they're working on it now! We are definitely overdue for another wild woman dance fest together!!! Love you!!!