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(LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES). This is what i turn on when i feel an anxiety attack and my medicine doesn't kick in fast. if you have an actually anxiety disorder this works. the songs that have the swirling effect with headphones that zoom in and out. It helps shut out the world and focus. as someone with anxiety, it helps me a lot. I don't see playlists made for this. Mostly just "stress-relief" and "sleep" but this isn't like that. It is more grounding than anything.

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Thank you. After the worst anxiety attack of my life this was the only thing that could break through and bring me back out of my mind. The Great Dictator Speech is what really brought me home, but it was also the fact that someone else understands well enough to help and that I'm not alone.

I'm so grateful for this playlist. I could not calm down this morning while I was at work and was having a almost body numbing anxiety attack, and this saved me! Thank you!!

I'm not the first to say this but this really helped with my general situation- anxiety, worrying about exams, in love with someone who doesn't love me back, dealing with a friend who self harms, trying to come out. It made me cry but gave me shelter and warmth from the wind that rush past my ears, whispering what ifs. Through the crying my stress evaporated- it felt like that. I'm sorry for rambling but this really helped me and I just want to thank Mackennaseye for making this. Thank you.