Is this playlist safe for work?
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Your playlist had me in tears before I even finished chapter two. I already knew how the story would end but listening to every song on this made it hurt even worse. My parents were looking at me like I was insane when I broke down at Lay Me Down. I believe this playlist helped me enjoy the book even more. Every time I read "I can dig Elvis." on your cover pic, I just start sobbing. It's not even funny. I usually cry during fan fictions but your playlist made my heart hurt even more. I love your playlist, it's amazing. You really chose songs that described the book and I love that. I am about to cry again..........

@SprayPaintedCrayons thank you so much. It seems kinda weird, but im so glad people are enjoying my playlists, or listening to them at least. Sorry to make you cry, but i guess that was kind of the intent. These songs make me cry as well, and im glad they make othe rpeople feel moved as well!!!! Thank you so much for commenting!!!!

I'm an idiot and listened to this while I read the story. The beautiful and fitting music you picked made it all the more emotional. I love this playlist so much! <3