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The Cries of Fallen London


Welcome, delicious friend, to the city of Fallen London. Mind the Bazaar, won't you? Oh, and - don't chase the cats.

[UPDATED 14/6/2015] - Now that I've finally played Sunless Sea, I've added some songs to reflect the nautical side of Fallen London.

Also some Massive Attack, because I'm not sure why Massive Attack wasn't already on this playlist.

12 tracks
6 comments on The Cries of Fallen London

Wonderful selection you have here! I especially enjoyed the first track. You are a fan of Welcome to Night Vale, I assume?

I am indeed! And actually I need to go through and re-edit the playlist, a few of my tracks got deleted. But yes, big fan of Night Vale. I feel like the Bazaar would be quite at home there.