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And Being Blue Is Better (than being over it)


You've lived the last few years of your life as a ghost. But that's okay. You were there and so it still counts, right?

Only. Only then it turns out you weren’t even that. You weren’t even - but what you are is - turns out you are a lot of things. All at the same time. You’re - it’s a lot, okay? It’s just a lot. And some of it tangles together but -

The idiots you hate the least, a Blood Gulch sun that never went down, Te - Allison, talking tanks, bombs, and time travel. Freelancers, conspiracy theories, and aliens. Being pulled back into the mortal coil over and over and over again: that all happened. It tangles together, yeah, but you were there, it happened and - and shit.

Ain't that a bitch.

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