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Dubstep Competition: How far can you go? Full Playlist


99 Dubstep Songs starting with Chill Dubstep Songs and ends with heavy Dubstep Songs. The Drops are getting harder and harder after every song.

Level 1 - Chillstep 1-17
Level 2 - Commercial Dubstep 18-44
Level 3 - Dubstep with Focus on Voice 45-59
Level 4 - Dubstep with Voice and big Drops 60-68
Level 5 - Dubstep with Massive Drops 69-90
Level 6 - WTF

I know it can be even harder...

Comment in wich number it was enough if it was enough.

Enjoy it with patience!!!

66 tracks
3 comments on Dubstep Competition: How far can you go? Full Playlist

Used this for a few hours while grinding some new video games. Great to have as a background to anything! Very nice compilation of songs!

Hello, my play just chrashed, I was somewhere at the 50th song.
I refreshed, and now I'm at the first and when trying to skip the song i've already listened to, I get:
"Sorry, but track skips are limited by law."

Is there any chance I can get back easily where I was?

I'm new on 8tracks.

Hi David.

About 1 Year Ago there was Firefox with greasemonkey and a Script but i don´t know if it is possible to skip with the new version of 8tracks.