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Abandoning the Male Gaze


Brazilian Girls, The Kills, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and other female bands I've been using post-breakup to remember that, wait a second...I am fucking rad... :) How girls forget these things I'll never know. Strong women, you have my heart.

20 tracks
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And I must say, damn good for you for taking a man break, frequent man breaks are necessary and one of the best things you can do for yourself. Set crazy high standards, girl! <3

i was leaving my last relationship about the same time last year. a perfect mix for then, and for now as i take a man break to reevaluate my standards. amazing mix! i also browsed your blog and really enjoy the intimate quips and video links. you are, indeed, fucking rad.

Ura Fever- The Kills
Recommendation >> Mirah
Down Boy >> Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Dirty Laundry >> Bitter:Sweet
Walkinonit (Phaseone Remix) >> J Dilla
Lovertits >> Peaches
Midsummer Night Blues >> Waldeck
You've Got the Love (XX remix) >> Florence and The Machine
Tape Song >> The Kills
Beatific >> Glass Candy
3 am >> The Trucks
Sexy Asshole >> The Brazilian Girls
Oops (Oh My) >> Tweet
Deceptacon >> Le Tigre
Lay it Down >> Peter Bjorn and John
Free >> Cat Power
Dy Na Mi Tee >> Ms Dynamite
Better Version of Me >> Fiona Apple
She Wolf >> Shakira (Watch the music videooo)