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//but my taste in music is your face (and local bands)

my first playlist, a mix of my favourite songs. a lot of undiscovered groups, plus some more well-known artists.


  • Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor by Arctic Monkeys
    limewire ftw. the first song i ever downloaded, and the anthem of my childhood. i've loved this since i was about 7 years old.
  • Medicine Man by The Hush Sound
    my favourite local band. this is my favourite song by KNO and also of 2015. i heard it live ages ago, way before it was even released, and i loved it instantly. the line 'crystallised eyes to a neon galaxy' has been my blog title ever since
  • Tear In My Heart by twenty one pilots
  • Dreams of an Absolution by sonicgirl10219
    i used to love sonic the hedgehog soundtracks... this is still pretty good... fight me
  • Out of Control by Glass Caves
    another local band. the first concert i ever went to was a glass caves gig in york. i only went to see one of the support acts (king no one) so i didn't know any of their songs. since then i've heard most of their album, and i'd love to see them live again
  • Millennium by King No-One
    the first KNO song i ever heard, after my science teacher recommended them to me. i didn't like them at first, but they grew on me so quickly that i bought tickets for their gig within a week of discovering them. since then they've become a major part of my life, and also helped me discover other local bands
  • Yasmin (clean) by Forever Cult
    another local group. they were a support act at my first concert. i didn't like them much to start with, but this song has found its way into a lot of my playlists. it's not like much else i listen to, but it's pretty catchy nonetheless
  • Transmission by knightsofficial
    the first band that knights are the band that made me realise that smaller bands exist. it's a shame they're in america, because i'd love to see them live. i hope they get more recognition because they have some amazing tracks that would be perfect in a large stadium... they're really space-y and probably influenced a lot by muse
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