The mixes I post up are divided by volumes: When I started making mixes in the late 90's it was as themed 'collections' meant to fill a 6, 8, 12, 16, or 24-disk CD binders. I don't burn my mixes to CD anymore, but I treat them like I do by following a few rules I created for myself:

1) Each volume has a theme

2) Each 'volume' will be 6, 12, or 24 mixes

3) The music styles might not be similar from CD to CD (mix to mix), but when listened to in order they tell some kind of story or narrate a timeline.

4) Each mix has it's own theme within the greater theme of the volume.

5) Each mix needs to come as close to filling 78 minutes up as possible, but may not go beyond 78 minutes (the amount of time you could squeeze onto a burnable 80 minute CD).

6) In a volume of 'disks', each mix needs to flow from the previous one and into the next one, like a chapter in a book.

7) In a mix, each song needs to flow from/into the songs to which it is attached (in other words, you're not going to hear The Stones' Paint it Black and then 'Walkin' on Sunshine right after).

8) An artist can only appear once per mix(Rule started after 2009 before I was using 8tracks regularly, funny enough)

9) If possible, do not use an artist more than once per volume (started around 2010)

10) Never reuse a track from a previous mix, unless there are extenuating circumstances (ex: mixes to get excited for a festival lineup, birthday gift mixes, etc).

You'll find the stories or thoughts behind each CD (err....mix) in the description section, though I know a lot of you are mobile users and it's not formatted all that well...I'll fix that eventually. I've made these for me, for friends, for ex lovers, and maybe even for a future love or two... but I'm happy to share them with you so I hope you enjoy.