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you brought me here


*Some of my favorite music recs from Taehyung*

i downloaded all the songs and threw this together at 1:38 am... i should probably title the mix this (b/c sentimental reasons) but on most of the songs yt video they all say "taehyung brought me here" so i decided to title the mix you brought me here.
i hope you enjoy it at least a little

gosh there were so many songs but i didnt want to translate them just to find them :'''
maybe i'll update this with more songs later on :///

10 tracks
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oh u do love his music taste as well n this playlist (": but i just wanted to let u knkw this picture is not of our tae tae aha around the beginning of 2016 it went a bit viral if i must, because it looked like taehyung ??? so i just thought id let you know

@err-chan Thank you for telling me!! after posting i started to question it myself psssh but left it because it was so pretty :'''