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My first playlist tbh
Ok bc I'm in MakoHaru hell, I thought why not make my first playlist about them?
Ugh sorry about the icon, i couldn't get it to work *insert shrug emoji*
The annotations tell a story of sorts idk

  • Collar Full by Panic! at the Disco
    bootiful beginnings
  • Heartbreak Girl by 5 Seconds of Summer
    RinHaru are having a tough time and Makoto is always, ALWAYS there to support him.
  • Taylor Swift By Adam Shamei by You Belong With Me Cover (Boy Version)
    In the end Makoto tells Haru how he feels but through epic song- ok i lied I just cry a lot k
  • Take Me To Church by Hozier
    Makoto is well and truly in love with Haru, whether it be through the power of some upper force or not, he's happy.
  • Still Into You by Paramore
    Rin's back and trying to take Haru away again
  • Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy
    Happy endings n shit i just really like this song ok
  • On My Way (Live & Acoustic) by Boyce Avenue
  • Don't (Sable Remix) by Ed Sheeran
8 tracks
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