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A Cottage in the Forest


For those who believe in fairytales and happily ever afters, here are some beautiful tunes to help you escape the real world for a while :)

13 tracks
4 comments on A Cottage in the Forest

I am obsessed with this playlist, it's so amazing. I listen to it in the car; as I walk to school; and specially as I read fantasy books, it get's me even more into their world! Great job! :D

this playlist is probably the most perfect playlist in the world. just -- the songs you chose perfectly give off that fairytale feel. it's just what i needed! incredible work!!! <3

I was looking for something to listen while studying. I have to say, you did an amazing job. I felt in the middle of a fairy tale. Just as you wrote in the description, I did felt like I escaped the real world for a while. Thanks for this magical experience. ;)

AWW I am so happy that you like my mix! I love fairy tales so much and wanted to share it through this playlist. Thank you for the compliment!!♥