Welcome, I am absolutely thrilled you came by, thanks a bunch!!! So where do I start...well...I have been surrounded by music my entire life, from spinning vinyl, banging beats with bands, to track re-assemblies. Beyond my activities in the world of music, I am a technical based bulletin writer and also operate a corporate centered around emergency response and contingency planning. When it comes to music I believe it is the very of fabric of living and provides us the opportunity to relate to all situations, whether to transform into cheerfulness or expose them less pleasant short comings; it speaks to the souls core. I believe when music and exercise are paired together, the cycle of the day to day routines cease to dominate, and positive moods are elevated to build the body’s stamina and endurance which promotes metabolic efficiency. I believe music is filled with endless resources which become absorbed in the moments of time either from the past or the present. I believe music forecasts a host of society’s common values and spreads into the essence of ones individuality, perhaps creating the balance of uniqueness within each of us. I believe music motivates change through expressions and allows for the opportunity to share individual experiences anytime and anywhere. I believe music continually instills an appreciation of freedom each sunrise and gratefulness each sunset. Finally, I realize there are millions of awesome creators who crafted some splendid playlists here and wished to acknowledge all who spend countless hours preparing them, well done!!. So thank you for coming by, offering your support and spending your precious time to listen to my playlists, it’s very inspiring. Oh…special thanks to the 8tracks Team for making this all possible and the hard work to keep this jukebox tuned 24-7. Look after yourself and each other..…cheerssssssss! Mr. Mekanic aka MRM :-)

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