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Dont Yank Me featuring Mozzy


Timothy Patterson aka Mozzy was born in Sacramento, California June 24 1987. In 2010 under the alias Lil Tim, his love for music took flight as his rap style gleamed at the local Bay Area entertainment show. Being influenced by superstar Husalah, he featured a video with him "U Ain't Really Like Dat", which kick starting his rap contour to a national level. This was followed with four solo releases, “Gangland Landscape”, “Yellow Tape Activities”, “Down to the Wire” and “Bladadah" which hit gold. After a short time out in 2014, his daily persistence to write and record non-stop blossomed into projects under the Empire label “Beautiful Struggle” and “Mandatory Check.” Some are of the opinion Mozzy is the true definition of a “rapper in the zone.” Thank you for coming by…enjoy the music!

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