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There sure is lots of web reading about music and its effects on the brain. Some studies describe softer easy flowing melodies as triggering the brains delta waves which induces a calming state and moves deeper into a sense of relaxation as the theta brain waves kick in. On the flip-side, listening to louder tunes laced with faster running notes, the brain creates alpha waves, prompting a hastened mode and moves into a sense of heightened acceleration as the beta waves fire. Add in the song’s lyrics and the brains waves really get stimulated. So the next time you’re at the dentist, it may be a benefit to become tuned into their office playlist and not that terrifying sound of the drill. Many thanks to you for listening and to the 8tracks Team for making this all possible. Enjoy the music!

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@RivalBeats Hey hey RivalBeats, thank you for your support always. A great track if your lookup Summer Ain't Leaving Buurman & Buurman, MRCNRY
The Album:: Armada Deep House Selection, Vol. 4 (The Finest Deep House Tunes) for more hotties....that will get you started, Cheersssssssssssssss M.M