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Sofa Salon 2013


Songs from musicians that played Berlin house concert series Sofa Salon in 2013.

  • Danger/Miranda Gjerstad by Margit Music
  • I Am Not Ashamed (Live On 2ser) by Ben Salter
  • Parachutes by Sweet Jean
  • High Open Hills by Liz Stringer
  • 07 chrome wings by james cruickshank
  • 4. The Hinterhaus by gilliangrassie
  • Autobiography of a Skyscraper by Susie Asado
  • Bernhard Eder Unexpected by solarisempire
  • All My Friends by Jimmy Tait
  • You Dreamt I Was The Strongest Man In The World Waltz by Fred Kinbom
  • mains Vregedonomy (9) devilhand by The Re
  • Sehnsucht (aus 'Nichts als Projektion' von 2004) by Kini Mod
  • We're A Mystery by Lindsay Phillips
  • Miles & Gallons by maxpaulmaria
  • Truth Jump Fall by Toby Goodshank
  • Royalchord: The Golden Handshake by -gaga
16 tracks
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