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A savage serenity

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Release the park brake grab the milk shake Doing a buck 80 engine block cooking steak Eating cup cake but I'm watching my weight So I only eat the icing that's a hard step to take The first steps I take mark the start of a bomb Explosive background with a grociers in my arms flowers for moms cold cuts an Salome Fold all the napkins to swan origami Jesus alah Buddha in this bitch cooking puma On the deck of a boat fishing big tuna A heavenly remedy with no contraceptives Professional fuck up so please don't attempt this I was a lion She was a temptresses We where time fucking endless What's a rym without a rhythm I found mine now I fuck with the system Discover to listen a mission no minion But I fight or flight love with an ambition addiction Addicted to winning but acostome to loss Like I always lose it all on the last final boss

Track #10, which is a total delight, is mistitled. It's not Neil Young, obviously. The artist is 'Sleep Dealer' and the song is 'The Way Home'. Bilgilerinize.