Is this playlist safe for work?

what are the punk kids (not) listening too now a days...??!


I haven't been around since dot dot dot lol it's been that long ago that I don't remember...BUT I'm back (I hope) and I have a new playlist for y'all so hopefully you enjoy :)

some of you might know these bands and some of you might not but long story short I was trying to make a playlist to get back in the scene of making music mixtapes again after so long and after researching, I had an idea like "what are some underappreciated bands ppl don't know about or don't recognize or slightly know a lil bit about them but not much"? (even me that basically knows the popular over-appreciated music but not the kind of music that barely gets recognized) sooo this playlist was born...

if anyone happens to read all this in the description ^ then let's be friends or something lol ;)

14 tracks
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