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Drone Music Mixtape #1


A few of the best Drone recordings for all the time. Honorable mentions to: Merzbow, Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine, Nadja, Like Drone Razors Through Flesh Sphere, Nurse With Wound, Natural Snow Buildings and much more!

  • Tim Hecker "Virginal II" by XLR8R
  • Earth - His Teeth Old Brightly Shine by Earth
  • Alice by Sunn O)))
  • Brian Eno (arrangement) by Music for Airports 1/1
  • 無き曲 by Boris
  • I Woke Up (excerpt) by Yellow Swans
  • Burial Society by Have a Nice Life
  • Love On A Real Train (Club Silencio Edit) by Tangerine Dream
  • Million Year Summer by The Angelic Process
  • The Desert Has Eyes by Natural Snow Buildings
10 tracks
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