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Music That Makes You Say Damn... Rave Edition

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Just got some Beats by Dre headphones.
These songs are 50x more awesome with these headphones.

You can FEEL the music.

i wasnt even looking at the computer or my keyboard while i typed that so back off and i was being sarcastic in my statement, it i know how to spell it anyway

haha i was just messing with you, i could sense the sarcasm, thank you for liking the mix and commenting. I appreciate it :)

it was on soundcloud, but for some reason they brought it down. I would ask them to put it back up. They actually check their mail so i think they would get you a copy

click play, then once you get to the song you want, click the "debug" link at the bottom of the comments.
its a lot of code, yeah.
but find a little url that usually starts with "" and ends in ".m4a"
copy that link, and paste it in a new tab. Instant download. Only issue is, there isnt any information on the song.

Thats the link for that song though