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Come back to me


8 tracks of sensual vocals with some raw lyrics for when your heart just aches for someone. Including Zero 7, Bonobo, & Banks. WARNING, some babies may be made to this mix;-)

8 tracks
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Who cares for the pic? if you people are forbidden to see a human being's body is a sin don't search for sensual or tags like that ! Weird people ... Lovely mix Nirvana keep them coming ! :D

Hi Tarek, long time no hear, hope you are keeping well. Thanks for the comment, glad to hear you are still enjoying the mixes, take care ;-)

Please consider changing the cover pic. NSFW is not an option :) I've got to listen to this music to escape for a while.

My parents could be very angry if they catch me listening to this mix with my boyfriend cause the image... but I really don't care xD