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☀ summer vibes ☀


seeing that summer is on it's way, I decided to come up with a mix filled with all the songs that get me jumpy and all cheery ☺ have a happy summer everyone!

20 tracks
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w Women know how to be a heartbreaker but so do men. it takes two to tango. a little danger can spice things up. and some rules are made to be broken. lol

oh my ....tonight i might get some...just had to share that with you....thxs for the tunes...this evening I have my own agenda and playlist......

I won't be gone in the morning........forever comes in many forms.......there is always a solution.......turning dreams into reality is fun!

Who needs to be innocent????? Playing with fire can be fun if you have an extinguisher on hand.....enjoy your journey ;-)

take a look at justin timeberlake's song representing the ups and down of two people discovering their destiny to together......keep the faith...your soul mate will be found.....and be your one and only........and you will get to go home together better be ready for it.....there is no going back.......lots of me......i have taken the leap of faith and I am so ready for the perfect storm and all that comes with it !!!!!!!
Just needed to share with you because of your search for your destiny...can''t wait to see your new playlists when it happens to you <3