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Moriarty The King


With great power comes great...Responsibility.

  • Soundtrack-Mr and Mrs Smith- Assassin's Tango by John Powell
    It seems Moriarty is exactly where he wants to be.
  • When You're Evil by Voltaire
  • Keep Awake by 100 Monkeys
  • Fitzpleasure by alt-J
    One does not get to 1,000 enemies without making a few friends.
  • Dean Martin by Sway
    Play Moriarty's game. If you loose, however, you may not only be deprived of chips.
  • Slipping (Dr. Horrible) by Jeffah
    Denial is the furthest step from recovery.
  • If I Had a Heart by Fever Ray
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  • Bee Gees ♫ Stayin' Alive by M-Mars
  • Après Moi by Regina Spektor
    No earth king can reign forever.
  • La Gazza Ladra by Trevor Wilson 12
    Great Kings never die.
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