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Where we got left to run?


The crossbow swinging redneck and the blonde farmers daughter he ran off into the woods with. AU (or maybe not heh) where Beth and Daryl find love despite being separated from their loved ones, while out in the post apocalyptic world trying to survive, with only each other to find comfort.

I read one too many Bethyl fics and it inspired me to make this mix because I ship it hard and was having so many feels about all that cuddling they'll be doing in the woods ;)

13 tracks
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Wow...I can't believe you made this before the mid-season return... it's so perfect! The last few episodes have been wonderful for Bethyl and your mix totally works :)

hell ya!! im so stoked for the new episodes :)
and hey, if you wouldn't mind, i created my first mix (dedicated to bethyl of course) and was hoping you could take a look at it and tell me what you think!?
I related the songs to beth and daryl, but its most inspired from a fanfiction iv been addicted to the past couple of days lol :)