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Last Final Battle


We Rage War For Peace, for family, for friends, but most importantly, because we Crave it.

  • Black Widow (Original Mix) by Matias Puumala
  • Don't Lose Hope (Epic, Cinematic, Orchestral) by Zhao Shen | StormSound
  • Twist Of Fate by Karisigurd
  • Sword of Orion (Epicmusicvn Series) by Peter Roe
  • I'm A Legend by Royalty Free Music | Christian Baczyk
  • Discovery by Tybercore
  • To Glory by Rumble Head
  • Rise To Power (Beautiful Orchestral) by Alliance Music
  • Warlords by Audiomachine
  • Warrior From Heaven by Marvin Allen
  • Take Me To Your Leader by Karisigurd
  • Beyond by Elegy Music
  • The Final Battle by Elegy Music
  • Ascendance by Axl Rosenberg - Composer
  • Way of the Sword by Composer Peter Roe
  • Epoch by Theron Kay
  • Land of Chaos by Mattia Turzo
  • Mattia Turzo & Jacopo Cicatiello by Dreamland
  • Arrembaggio by Sub Pub Music
  • Collaboration Max Legend , Mattia Turzo , Ron Morina by Power Of Will
  • A Rising Knight (Mastering By Ron Morina) by Max Legend
  • Unforgiven by Cengizhan YAVUZER
  • Gory Glory by Steve Syz
  • Aithérios by Axl Rosenberg - Composer
24 tracks