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Waking up, Just feel Right


The songs that make me dance without a care in the world. Please enjoy :) if you know more songs like these, feel free to write them in the comment session. P's.

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So I woke up in a bad mood and didn't want to go to school but then I randomly found your playlist and started jamming out! Thank you very much !!

@tori_rios I feel you, I'm in need of that as well. Today is simply isn't a great day, especially here in Vegas, the weather is so gloomy, but hey! We gotta stay positive, so we can make the day work for us, not the other way around.:)

Great mix ;D Some of my favourites are already in it, like Footloose oder I Will Survive. Maybe you'll also like Valerie by Steve Winwood, Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley or Van Halen's Jump? I love these ones, too. They're great to make me sing into my toothbrush ^^

@earlgreysladyviolet lol i'll try, but the thing is they are expensive and i'm kinda broke ha-ha, but I'll definitely add them on the next one's. Thanks for the list :).