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Rocky Ain't Got Sh**


Hundreds of songs bound to get you pumped for anything that stands in your way.

Note: Some songs are clean versions for younger crowds.

110 tracks
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@nulkmad Hey dude this dude is not doing so well not much work and many bills but music and friends like you dj serenity and zippitty bop bop help me get through these tough times. I should be happy finally the ex left xmas eve I say finally because we'd been broken up since Feb '14. The last 6 months had been hell. You asked so there it is.

@verrierhill Awe man. I hate hearing that. I too struggle often with my inner self. I am currently struggling with student loans, and my degree hasn't offered much benefit yet. Maybe one day... I'm sure you feel a little relief with the living situation. That can't be healthy for anyone. The music has been my only consistent relationship haha! I am so glad we have been able to develop and grow our friendship, and 8tracks is such a great place for this. Thanks for all your love and support! You are good people. Keep your chin up, brotha! Much Love!!!