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✧ the devil's swing ✧


i’m wearing some bling-bling made by Gucci,
riding a 3 0 5 ferrari.
cross me somewhere in the street,
maybe i would just look at your feet,
without a 300-dollar pair of shoes,
don’t even think you’re gonna talk to me, you're a fool.

edit: holy/?? thank you guYS SO MUCH FOR GETTING THIS TO GOLD!! im glad you all like it!

edit 2: added 'shoot him down' by alice francis + thank you for 400+ likes !

edit 3: this is my first mix to ever go platinum! aa i still can't believe it! thank you so much!!!

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@Rudolphsd I'm in the same boat. 3 months ago I had no idea what swing was, now I'm rocking it everyday. Sooooooo groovy.