eHarmony: This is another online dating site that is free and has a matching algorithm that works well. Unlike many of the other sites that require you to pay money to join, eHarmony matches you up with compatible singles based on your own data. This includes information about what you like to do and who you are. There are no fake profiles and your data is completely secure.

If neither of these two works out for you, then you may want to try out Match Affinity. Match Affinity is a free, web-based matchmaker that suggests potential relationships to you based on the information you enter. A relationship expert will monitor your activity and suggest matches for you based on your demographics.

Social Engineering: It is possible for someone to create a profile that appears to be a genuine match for you. They use several different techniques to create and maintain online dating profiles that appear to be very compatible. For instance, they may include personality traits they think you would find attractive. They may also include common interests or even use misleading information to make their profiles sound more interesting than they really are. If you do not closely monitor your online dating profiles, then you are likely to get involved with these phishing scams.

Experts say it's best to stick to one site. Don't switch up and expose yourself to all kinds of new profiles that don't make sense. Stick with the top three or four best online dating sites for your initial activity. As time goes by, you can expand to other areas but not too quickly.


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