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This playlist is dedicated to pirates and is a journey in itself. Sail away until you get lost in the depths of the oceans, strengthen your soul through sea-shanties but be wary of the Sirens.


30 tracks
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I love the continuation of epic songs and swashbuckling themes, with interludes of Shanties, like you're sailing and taking a break on the calm waters for a while with the crew. Love this playlist!

This playlist is amazing. I listened to it at least twice a day but it wasn't enough. I ended up listening to it so often that I had to stay home from work to be able to hear it more. Then I lost my job because I wasn't showing up. I told my boss why but he didn't care. I was fired for good. I was listening to this playlist and got an idea the morning after. The pirates life for me. I sold all of my possessions and bought a few boats and swords. Then I set sail! There wasn't much at sea but some storms. I sang shanties the whole time and had the time of my life, hearing this playlist the whole time. I ended up across the world, and found some other pirates. Turns out modern pirates are terrifying. They shot at my boat with actual guns, and I was forced to escape by lifeboat. The only plunder I had was stuff I found floating in the ocean, so, a sack of garbage, essentially. I found my way back onto shore many countries away, but at least they have internet here, so I can listen to this playlist. (In all seriousness, though, this playlist is great and I love it.)

@chocolatedrunk THIS IS LIKE THE BEST COMMENT EVER! Awwhh hahaha, thank you so much, I'm glad you like this playlist. :') I'm not gonna lie, when I first read "then I lost my job" I was like oh shit. Thank you so much though!