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A quick one (while I'm away)

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Hey, past month I had a lot of work and just a bit of electric gossip :( I read your post about yous latin music taste history and now that I have time I seend you this little salutation. I really appreciate your mixes. I've discovered nice things. Even the photos are a nice thing. I choose write here 'cause The taste of tea is one of my ever ever loved films. The Yamayo Yamayo Song must be in one of your next compilations. Keep in touch, man. Hugs.

oh, sorry. i think i located the origin anyhow; it was cat_dentures. so, what do you want to do for our first collaborative mix? you want to start off with a "world"-ey mix...? any ideas...?

first two tracks are killer, great mix overall. one thing, have you played Pete Drake on one of your mixes? I'm trying to find Red Sails In the Sunset and I can't remember where I heard it