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like there's hope


That's how Stiles is slowly going to get under Derek's skin: being human and fragile, but so strong for both of them, and showing that Derek doesn't need to feel guilty and powerless all the time. That he has every right to have love, hope and happiness again.

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I was hoping somebody would use Falling in a Sterek Mix! I adore Other People's Heartache I & II and it just fits so well. Rest of the mix is amazing as well, as usual <3

Oh yes, I think Falling is very good for them. And I probably like that version more than I like 'Laura Palmer'. Bastille is just a great great great band and I love how they can take songs and make them their own, so Other People's Heartache is really a brilliant thing. I'm so glad you like this mix! You had me at 'as always'. Thank you SO MUCH. <3

More Sterek, because it seems that this is what you guys like best, and because I still didn't recover from that moment at the ending of Currents. Also, I've never gotten the opportunity to show my gratitude for the 100+ followers! Thank you, lovelies. Keep listening, liking and sendind commentary. If you want to request a fanmix or a mixtape, ask me on tumblr!