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modern teaching au where bellamy is a super cool kindergarten teacher who makes his students mixes to make learning more fun. he also regrets asking octavia what she thinks about the songs.

  • Isaac Hayes and Joan Osborne by I'm Just a Bill
    "they're going to be adults one day, they should know how the government works!" "they're kindergarteners, bell."
  • The Periodic Table Song (In Order) by VVkimmikVV
    "it's never too young to learn about science"
  • Them Not by Schoolhouse Rock
    "oh my god these five year olds are going to start talking about how their goddamn femurs hurt and their parents will only have you to blame."
  • Yakko's World by Richard Stone
    "bell, do you seriously still know all the word- holy shit are you singing along?"
  • Alouette by Martapgras
    "scientists say that it's best to learn a language when young." "but they're talking about plucking fucking birds."
  • History of Everything by Barenaked Ladies
    "i can't wait for the christian soccer moms to start calling you an anti-christ and tell the principal to fire you."
  • The preamble at School house rock by kenzielawrence40
    "okay, this one is good, shut up stop laughing."
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