Omniscient Trees
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Ghost of History : Flood the Earth with Magic


A mix for Clarisse van Rossum/Walpurgisnacht, from Hieronym's PMMM fic, To the Stars.

//"When we are young, we are never the same from day to day, year to year," the Goddess said, voice tender. "We have not yet found our optimal state, and so we must always change, to seek what we will one day become."

"As we age, we become more static, settling closer to our final forms. Decades pass, centuries pass, and we become more like this still pond, like the ancient oak in the middle of the forest, content to stay where we are and watch the world pass by."

"My final form is not one I would wish any human to see, but it is as much a part of me as any other. Here, the end is the same as the beginning."//


20 tracks
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