We like what you like. We teach what you want to learn. We´ve put together, just for you, a wide variety of playlists that show your true colors… and sounds. Whether you like indie, pop, hip-hop, rock, dance, lounge, romantic…. And everything in between, you will find it here. OPUS PHD loves the differences that bring us together and the influences of diversity and of all cultures and tribes. We are a high performance learning English language school and both professional and human development house. OPUS PHD is focused on enabling, effectively, executives, freelancers, companies and students in the most current techniques of interpersonal, corporate and market communication.

We like what you like. We teach what you want to learn. Aqui é para você indie, pop, hip-hop, rock, dance, lounge e muito mais. A OPUS PHD influência a diversidade em todas as culturas e tribos. Não importa qual o seu gosto, aqui você encontra todos. Somos uma escola de inglês com o foco de habilitar, de forma efetiva, executivos, profissionais autônomos, empresas e estudantes nas mais atuais técnicas de comunicação interpessoal, corporativa e de mercado.

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